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Offers of Papers commensurate with the scope of each aspect of the SOGAT Conference are required by November 1st.


OFFERS OF PAPERS for the SOGAT 2016 Conference on the following technical areas are being sought:
Sour Oil and Gas Operational and Development International and National Plans
Sour Field Operations and Recovery Improvements
Sour Oil and Gas HSE Management
Sour Gas Processing of Ultra Sour and Low Quality Gas Fields
Sour Gas Reservoir Characterisation and Optimisation
SRU Design, Capacity & Operations
Amine Treatment & Unit Operations
Sulphur Degassing Processes
Sulphur Pit Issues
Catalyst Evaluations and Improvements
Acid Gas Enrichment and Tail Gas Treatment
CO2 Management
CO2 Removal
How CO2 Impacts H2S Removal in Acid Gas Enrichment
SO2 Emission Management
Sour Hydrocarbon Materials Management
Refractory & Reactor Furnace Issues
Contamination Management
Sulphur Management Problems
Hazards of Sulphur Storage and Handling
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