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The National Mining Committee aims to measure the need for use ofnatural gas within the manufacturing process through a survey. This willalso support the mining sector and raise its contribution to the overallgross domestic product.

The Ministry of Energy, in collaboration with the National MiningCommittee at the Federation of Saudi Chambers (FSC), will build anational network to supply natural gas in industrial zones in allcities throughout Saudi Arabia.

Carrying out the survey is The National Mining Committee – whereit aims to measure the need for use of natural gas within themanufacturing process in industrial sectors – according to AsharqAl-Awsat newspaper.

This well-planned move is also time bound and aligns withachieving the kingdom’s Vision 2030 – by supporting the miningsector while raising its contribution to the overall gross domesticproduct (GDP).

According to the newspaper, FSC has informed all chambers ofcommerce, in addition to industries in multiple regions throughoutthe kingdom on fi lling a questionnaire that would assist infacilitating and preparing the survey. By doing so, it would better measure the industrial sector’s need for natural gas in theirmanufacturing operations.

The questionnaire will contain knowledge about the amount of natural gas used in production processes in Saudi Arabia, in additionto their advantages, and any incentives that can contribute inincreasing the level of use. It was also emphasised that the data willbe used for survey purposes only.

Saudi Arabia’s localisation and diversifaction - One of the programs under the kingdom’s Vision 2030 is TheNational Industrial Development and Logistics Program ( NIDLP) –and it serves as a major asset in this study

The program aims to maximise the values from both the energy andmining sectors – to transform Saudi Arabia into a global logisticsplatform, and a leading industrial power.

NIDLP objectives is to develop oil and gas adjacent industries, raisethe gas production and distribution capacity, and it also aims to increase the local content for the oil and gas sector by 2025.

The local content will contribute signifi cantly within this process –by maximising the economic impact and diversifying the targetedsectors, it will also allow the growth of said sectors, achieveentrepreneurship, and create an appealing environment forinvestments. Saudi Arabia has recently announced new discoveries of natural gasfi elds in various parts of the country.

As the kingdom aims to boost fuel production, the Minister ofEnergy, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman recently revealed that SaudiAramco – the giant oil company – was able to discover fi elds in thecentral region, the empty quarter, and northern and easternborders. The fi elds are Shadoon in the central region, Shehab and Shurfasoutheastern region in the empty quarter, Umm Khansar near thenorthern border with Iraq, and Samna in the eastern region.

The Kingdom currently pumps more than 103.3 million cubic feet ofgas per day. The five new natural gas fi elds across the kingdom would be able toproduce over 100 million cubic feet per day in total. The Saudi Energy Minister added that two of the gas fi elds, Samnaand Umm Khansar are non-conventional, which would requirespecial extraction techniques.

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